Sunday, 6 January 2013

Oat Milk

Although I have a bit of a backlog of sweet treats to write up the recipes of for the blog I thought as it is the New Year and that time when most people are trying to be a little bit health conscious  I decided that my first post of 2013 should also be a little bit healthier! Since starting on my ‘Something Missing’ mission I have become more aware of the great diversity of alternative products available to those with dietary restrictions. In the last couple of years in particular the number of different milks available in supermarkets has dramatically increased with soya, rice and nut milks becoming the norm. I suppose ‘milk’ isn’t really the most appropriate term as I wouldn’t really know how to start milking an almond or grain of rice!! Maybe ‘juice’ is a more appropriate term….but either way I decided to try and make my own dairy free milk and began with something simple, oat milk. This is really simple to make and can be substituted anywhere where you would normally use milk.


60g oats
1 litre of water

Simply place the oats and water into a large jug and set aside for a couple of hours. (There are numerous recipes for oat milk on-line, some leave the oats in the water over night while others believe that if you leave the oat/water mix too long it all goes a bit slimey but I have found that two to three hours works fine).

After a couple of hours either transfer to a food blender of use a stick blender to blend the oats and water together.

Line a sieve with a fine meshed muslin (or alternatively a coffee filter or kitchen roll), place over a jug and pour the oat mix into the sieve. The resultant liquid in oat milk and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days.

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