Monday, 24 June 2013

Vegan chocolate pudding

I seem to have been extraordinarily rubbish at blogging this month (this is my first recipe for June) but there have been a number of things that have got in my way over the past couple of weeks.

Firstly at the beginning of June the weather was exceptional, for over a week we had sunshine, no wind, no rain….not even a little bit of cloud. To some this may be an automatic description of summer, but I live in Northern Ireland, and getting 3 hours of consecutive sunshine is a rarity so a whole week of being able to see the big golden ball of sunshine is the sky is just unheard of. So surprisingly enough during that week I spent a lot of time outside and not a lot of time by either my cooker of my computer and so the blogging lapsed.

The second thing that got in the way of my blogging was a case of an AWOL recipe scribbled down on the back of an envelope somewhere! I had been playing around with the use of tofu rather than eggs in quiche and came up with a fairly decent little vegan recipe…but can I now find said recipe? No! I’m still searching but I may have to experiment again before I can get that recipe out onto the world wide web (tofu quiche will turn up eventually though I promise).

So there are my excuses all lined….apologies for the lack of blogging. And to kick start the blog again a really easy vegan chocolate pudding recipe. This concoction arose after I had a rather large bunch of bananas on the verge of going a little too squishy. But with the sun shining and me not wanting to be chained to the oven rather than making the default banana bread I chopped up the bananas, stuck them into a plastic tub and bunged them in the freezer for later use (yes you can freeze bananas). They are then there ready for future banana bread making or for bunging into milkshakes or smoothies or for making this quick and easy pud.


100g frozen banana
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
60ml coconut milk
1-2 teaspoons caster sugar (to taste)
A little dark chocolate for decoration

This recipe really couldn’t be any simpler. Just bung all of the ingredients into a food processor (minus the dark chocolate) and whizz up until a smooth mousse like consistency is produced. Start with a little sugar and add a little more as required (depending on taste). Then transfer to a bowl and decorate with a little grated dark chocolate. Et voila……simple hey!?

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